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Chet Wise
Mobile Dog Training
Canine Relationship Counseling

Housecalls: For dogs who can't handle a classroom environment or people who don't live near classes. I bring the classroom to you for just a bit more than it would cost to go to a class.  Add more dogs and it could become substantially cheaper than a class offered in a training center. 
Classroom assistant: Do you teach a class and could use some assistance?  I'd love to help you out.
Training in the Park: Classes you can take after you have done all the classroom work needed to get your dog ready for the real world.  These classes finish up what you learned in the classroom by furthering your dogs skills under distraction and at distance.
Mini Workshops: Specialty classes focused on just one thing, these are multi stage lessons and can accomodate students of different levels. 
Housecalls: $30/hr (travel charges may apply)
  Each additional dog add $15 (Up to 8 dogs)
Classroom Assistant: $15/hr

Coming To A Park Near You
  Advanced distraction work
Loose Leash Walking $5/hr
Advanced Companion Dog

Mini Workshops
Really Reliable Recall
Fun Crate Training Games

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